More UNIPAC Questions Answered

This is the second of three posts by UNIPAC series editor Porter Storey, MD FACP FAAHPM, in which he discusses the new UNIPAC series, including the amplifire™ online confidence-based learning modules, and addresses commonly asked questions.

At the AAHPM Annual Assembly, I was asked several good questions about the new UNIPAC Series 4th edition. Perhaps this information will help inform your purchasing decisions.

  1. Is there more information in the 4th edition than the 3rd?
    a. Older, less-relevant material was replaced with new developments, and while an effort was made to keep them succinct, some books, like the Pediatric UNIPAC grew by nearly 50%.
    b. Every effort was made to include systematic reviews and consensus statements to help the reader interpret the vast amount of new material being published in our field.
  2. Has the 4th Edition really been updated? Is it evidence-based?
    a. This edition includes 2551 references and over 600 of these are from 2010-2012.
    b. You will find material from the NHPCO Facts and Figures 2011 edition and the new American College of Physicians Ethics Manual published in 2012, among many other new sources.

Porter Storey MD FACP FAAHPM
Executive VP, AAHPM
Colorado Permanente Medical Group
Boulder, CO

UNIPAC 4th edition available for purchase.

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