UNIPAC 4th edition Now Available

This is the first of three posts by UNIPAC series editor Porter Storey, MD FACP FAAHPM, in which he discusses the new UNIPAC series, including the amplifire™ online confidence-based learning modules, and addresses commonly asked questions.

At the AAHPM Annual Assembly, I was asked several good questions about the new UNIPAC Series 4th edition. Perhaps this information will help inform your purchasing decisions.

1. Is the 4th Edition of the UNIPAC Series really any different that the 3rd edition?

a. Every UNIPAC was carefully revised and some (like Ethics and Pain) were completely re-written. New and extensively updated topics include:

i. the controversies around opioid contracts,
ii. the latest Catholic Ethical and Religious Directives,
iii. parental requests to withhold information from dying children,
iv. comprehensive assessment of fatigue and anorexia-cachexia,
v. management of co-infection of hepatitis C & HIV,
vi. the importance of legal decisions in the Barber, Saikewics, and Bouvia cases on withdrawing tube-feedings,
vii. treatment of agitation in dementia patients,
viii. the roles of opioids, pulmonary rehabilitation, and non-invasive ventilation in the treatment of dyspnea in patients with end-stage COPD,
ix. and many others.

b. Several of the UNIPACs have new authors who are leaders in our field (e.g. Russell Portenoy) and they were all reviewed by acknowledged experts (e.g. Timothy Quill).

Porter Storey MD FACP FAAHPM
Executive VP, AAHPM
Colorado Permanente Medical Group
Boulder, CO

UNIPAC 4th edition now available for purchase.

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