Common UNIPAC Questions Answered

This is the last of three posts by UNIPAC series editor Porter Storey, MD FACP FAAHPM, in which he discusses the new UNIPAC series, including the amplifire™ online confidence-based learning modules, and addresses commonly asked questions.

1. I am mainly interested in coding for hospice services, is this covered?

a. While many hospice regulations are covered, the new AAHPM Hospice Medical Director Manual is the most comprehensive resource for this material.

2. Will the 4th Edition of the UNIPAC Series help me pass the Board Exam in October?

a. While AAHPM has no inside information about the content of the ABIM sponsored exam, we used the published list of topics covered on the exam to inform the development of this edition.

b. The ABIM exam is based on the best practices and current literature in our field, which is what we surveyed and referenced extensively.

c. One of the best ways to study for any exam is to focus on those areas in which your knowledge is weakest. The accompanying amplifire confidence-based learning modules will help you identify and focus on these areas.

Porter Storey MD FACP FAAHPM
Executive VP, AAHPM
Colorado Permanente Medical Group
Boulder, CO

UNIPAC 4th edition available for purchase.

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