Twitterverse Erupts during #hpm18

The 2018 Annual Assembly, held March 14-17, 2018 in Boston, MA was full of enthusiasm, rejuvenation and most of all, tweets.

During the Assembly, individuals turned to Twitter to meet up (tweet up) with their online pals, share education and findings, help #hpmrookie users discover the benefits of Twitter, and express their fun that was had at the meeting. The 2018 hashtag for the Assembly was #hpm18 and it took off like wildfire.

Over the week, individuals sent out 12,545 #hpm18 tweets at a rate of 131 tweets per hour. These tweets resulted in over 30.4 MILLION impressions – that’s over 5 million more than #hpm17. These tweets provided education and information to those who weren’t able to attend and extended to the broader #hpm community.

Here are a few of our favorite tweets during our time together. See you in Orlando for #hpm19!

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