Six month countdown to the HPM Boards!

Lifelong learning is imperative in the medical profession- especially for physicians. Then, every 10 years this knowledge is tested by the American Board of Medical Specialty to assess one’s foundation of knowledge. I understand tests are important, yet rarely have I found them fun and exciting. For me, every board exam causes stress and high anxiety

  • Do I have the right board prep books?
  • Does my study schedule cover everything I need?
  • Will I actually follow the schedule this time?
  • Do I need to take a prep course? If so, did I sign up for the right one?

So, I purchased the 3rd edition of UNIPAC. Seems a bit thin… Does this really have everything I need to know? The 2nd edition was a great supplement when I took the ABHPM Exam. Just in case, I signed up for the review course in Chicago. I love courses!! Brings me back to the simple days of medical school… and forces me to focus exhausting hours with my brain on overload days on end. Yet, I am certain, this too will not be enough. So, I plan on buying the HPM Pass, just to get a few more test questions in. Oh and of course, I have my Oxford Text book of HPM, files of PC-FACs and nauseating long list of web resources ready at the helm to fill in all the gaps.

Is this overkill, or am I missing a major area?

Tanya Stewart MD FAAHPM

1 thought on “Six month countdown to the HPM Boards!

  1. I’m so glad that someone else is starting to fret about the exam! I had to move last week, so my books are piled in a box and I need to get them out so they stare at me and remind me to stay on schedule! See you in Chicago!

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