Preparing for the Board Exam- Test Taking Skills

Well, the board review course is complete and many of you are now beginning your studies in earnest. For many of you, it may be the first test you have taken in a number of years. While there is never a substitute for knowing the material, brushing up on your test-taking skills can give you that extra edge.

Bruce Chamberlain, MD has completed an excellent slide presentation on Test Taking Skills and Strategies for the HPM Board Exam. Some pointers include:

  • Never get “hung up” on one tough question. Skip it and come back to the question later. Sometimes later questions can provide hints to the answer.
  • Answer all of the questions. There is no penalty for guessing.
  • Always determine what the question is really asking. Don’t try to insert your “real world” experience.
  • With long questions, skip down to the actual question. This can help you focus your approach to the information.

The majority of questions are based on patient presentations occurring in settings that reflect current medical practice.

Remember. Take your time! What do they call the last person to leave the test with a passing score? Board Certified!

Good luck!

Vincent Vanston, MD FAAHPM