JPSM Seeking Papers for Limited Series by June 15

JPSM is inviting papers for a limited series focused on population-based approaches to palliative care.  The goal of this series is to highlight broad efforts to create population-based palliative care: the integration of core palliative care principles into the way that health care is delivered in health systems, regions, and countries.

This series is specifically intended to disseminate initiatives that are too broad and multi-faceted to be considered as research or quality improvement papers.  Topics might include (but are not limited to) efforts to promote primary palliative care education, improved symptom management, increased goals of care conversations or advance care planning, or earlier hospice referrals. 

Papers should be no more than 3500 words in length, with a structured abstract (background, problem, proposed solution, outcomes, key message, and lessons learned).  Paper headings should match the abstract sections.

Priority will be given to papers that offer a narrative of both successes and failures. Manuscripts need not present extensive statistical analysis, as the chief value of these papers for most readers will be an understanding of what did/didn’t work, and why.  Nor do the interventions being described need to be complete. However, manuscripts must include evidence of impact, either in process or outcome measures. The use of an implementation science framework (e.g. RE-AIM, PRECEDE-PROCEED, CFIR or equivalent) should be considered.

Structured abstracts should be submitted by June 15 to David Newcombe, JPSM managing editor at
If measures of outcomes/impact are not yet final at the time of submission, please include results that are available and indicate that the project is ongoing.  Decisions will be made by July 15 and manuscripts should be submitted no later than January 1, 2023.  An invitation to submit a manuscript does not guarantee acceptance, and all manuscripts will undergo peer review.

Please direct your questions to me, David Casarett, at .

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