2020 Annual Assembly Abstract Submissions: the How, the Why, and the What Now?

This year, there were 514 abstracts submitted during the first call for the 2020 Annual Assembly in San Diego, CA – our highest submission amount in the history of the Assembly!

After the call closed, the review committees diligently reviewed each submission and scored them based on a variety of factors. The committees aim to include content that is relevant and balanced across practice settings, topics, and practice levels. They also work to include authors who have limited experience presenting nationally as a means of promoting career development. The field continues to diversify and the committees aim to feature sessions for every person and every skill level.

The abstract notifications will be sent in the coming days. This year, 15% of the 514 abstracts were accepted from the call for preconference workshops, 1-hour sessions, and interactive educational exchange. While we wish we could accept every submission, we are limited to the constraints of the conference length.

We encourage those who are not selected in 2020 to continue submitting in the future. Here are a few suggestions to grow the content of your submission:

  • Repurpose your content. If you weren’t accepted for a concurrent session, think creatively. The Annual Assembly call for papers and posters opens today, July 1, and the final call for case submissions and scholars’ posters opens October 1. Can you alter your submission for one of these calls?
  • Find speakers who are rock stars in the field. Ask them what their winning formula is for submitting an abstract and ask them to help craft yours in the coming year.
  • Receive feedback on your abstract. You can contact the AAHPM office at info@aahpm.org and ask for feedback from the reviewers. This information can help inform your future submissions and direction.
  • Write up your findings on the AAHPM Blog. Continue your educational journey and share your content by writing a blog on your session or findings.

The field, the Annual Assembly, and its offerings continue to change as we adapt to our broad field and changes in learning styles. Watch for opportunities for shorter more innovative learning sessions designed to deliver more engaging and fun content by more presenters in the coming years.

All proposals are reviewed by vetted reviewers. Learn more about committee and reviewer responsibilities, as well as the abstract review and selection process.

If you have direct concerns, please contact AAHPM at info@aahpm.org or call 847.375.4712.

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