JPSM Calling for Papers Addressing Systemic Racism

The Journal of Pain & Symptom Management (JPSM), the official journal of AAHPM, is accepting proposals for papers that will help the Journal map a path for addressing systemic racism. We welcome proposals for papers in four categories:

  1. Empirical evaluations of how race is portrayed in the Journal’s published articles;
  2. Empirical evaluations of the review/decision process at JPSM as it relates to consideration of race and injustice;
  3. Opinion papers that focus on novel ideas and approaches the Journal should take;
  4. Empirical evaluations and/or opinion pieces that address systemic racism in the hospice and palliative care literature broadly (JPSM and other journals).

In all four categories, papers should include concrete recommendations for action.

Proposals should be less than one page and should indicate author names and affiliations, aims/questions, and either a brief description of methods to be employed or, in the case of an opinion paper, a summary of arguments that will be used. If authors wish to obtain access to internal JPSM data (e.g. anonymous decision data, reviews, or author responses) please include a description of necessary data elements and time frame so that we can ensure we’ll be able to supply the data you need.

How to Submit

Proposals should be submitted by January 4, 2021 to David Newcombe, JPSM’s Managing Editor.

Authors will be notified of their selection by January 15, 2021. The final number of accepted proposals will depend upon the scope and focus of the proposals we receive. Manuscripts will need to be submitted no later than July 1, 2021.

Acceptance of a proposal does not guarantee publication of a subsequent manuscript, and submitted manuscripts will undergo usual processes of editorial evaluation and external peer review.

Questions should be directed via email to David Casarett, JPSM Editor-in-Chief.

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