Healthcare Reform… Time to Act…

Healthcare Reform… TIME TO ACT! WE (that means- you, your friends, anyone who cares about Hospic & Palliative Medicine and I) need to be involved in healthcare reform. Doing nothing is not an option! Questions to ponder as you peruse this Blog Entry…. (As always comments are HIGHLY encouraged…) Are you aware, many States are … Read moreHealthcare Reform… Time to Act…

Two competing public health crises: the undertreatment of pain AND the increase in opioid related deaths

We as hospice and palliative medicine professionals have been largely focused on the former public health crisis in our training and practice as well as research endeavors to improve pain assessment and management. The FDA has expanded authority given in 2007 to focus attention on the public saftey issues related to the significant increase in … Read moreTwo competing public health crises: the undertreatment of pain AND the increase in opioid related deaths

My Breakfast with the Academy Presidents

One of my favorite events during the Annual Assembly each year is breakfast with the AAHPM Presidents – past, present and future. It’s a tradition that is meaningful to all who attend, although I suspect the reasons vary among the group. For our incoming president, Sean Morrison, this informal “coffee talk” provides an opportunity to … Read moreMy Breakfast with the Academy Presidents

Evidence-Based Approach to Cutaneous Treatments

This morning, I attended the concurrent session on the evidence-based cutaneous treatment of nausea, pain, and neuropathy. This was overall a good session, although it reinforced the need for more research in this area since some of what we are practicing in this area is not highly evidence-based. Some of the salient points: Cutaneous treatment … Read moreEvidence-Based Approach to Cutaneous Treatments

Just Being

Makowski and Epstein presented a wonderful explanation of the differences between mindfulness and mindlessness. Mindfulness is purposeful with attention to one’s own mutual process during every day work with the goal of practicing clarity and compassion. I have to admit that being present totally takes a lot of work some days and the component of … Read moreJust Being