Why I am Helping to Shape the Future

It’s hard to believe that the 2014 AAHPM & HPNA Annual Assembly is over. There is so much preparation that goes into it all year that it’s a bit surreal to be done. In a few days we will start collecting abstracts for Philadelphia and the whole process will start over!

My favorite part of the Assembly (aside from connecting with our amazing attendees) is working with the Developing Countries Scholars. I had the privilege of being the staff liaison to the 2014 Scholars: Edwina Addo, Marcos Borges, Lilian Hidalgo, Farzana Khan, Giorgi Metivishvili, Jean-Luc Nkurikiyimfura, Thai Phan, Srinagesh Simha and Charu Singh. After spending several months corresponding with them I could barely wait to meet them all in person. They are remarkable individuals that I was blessed to meet. The warmth, compassion, and dedication that they all exuded was overwhelming.

Managing the Developing Countries Scholarship program has opened my eyes to the incredible hardships that physicians are facing while trying to provide hospice and palliative care to their communities. The Scholarship Fund was created to provide access to high quality hospice and palliative medicine education to physicians living and practicing in developing countries. The scholarship recipients are able to make meaningful connections and incorporate new knowledge in their practice. The Scholarship Fund is made possible by donations to the Shaping the Future campaign. If you have donated to Shaping the Future– Thank you! If you haven’t donated- there is still time.

Jen Bose
Marketing & Membership Manager

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