What children learn about death

I had not originally thought to attend this seminar, but my NP colleague had expressed an interest in attending this session. Mostly because some of the patients we are seeing now are younger with children and ask for how to explain death to their children. Is there a good resource?

What a great presentation of the films children see and the depiction of death. A couple of facts that were stunning to note were that in the films presented, characters mostly die by falling. Check it out,: Lion King, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast to name a couple. The music in the films also sets the tone for the film as well. The music can change the moods as we move through a movie, often not needing words at all. Remember the scene in Bambi? Go back and as your watching this, listen as well.

The presenter Marianne Matzo was playful as well as expressive in her own experiences as a child growing up and the impact these films had on her.

Many people I spoke with after her presentation shared their excitement of her presentation style which included humor, fact and film clips. It was a pleasant change from the intellectual presentations (no tomatoes please because we need them as well) and her slides were filled with color and whimsy. I would like to see a few more presentations like this in the upcoming conferences. Thanks Marianne.

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