Shaping the Future – a Member-Driven Campaign

I know the Academy well.

The Academy has been an important force in raising the professionalism of hospice and palliative medicine, and also getting it more into mainstream medical thought and practice.

The more we enhance the professionalism and practice of hospice and palliative care physicians, the better our patients will be cared for. The more hospice care is present in the daily lives of patients and doctors, the more the healthcare system and patients will benefit. It’s important to advocate for this.

That’s why I donated to the Shaping the Future campaign. I know that contributions get used in a variety of ways, including educational activities, advocacy, and workforce expansion. Rather than restrict my donation to a particular area, I trust the existing leadership to use my gift in the best way possible.

Join close to 200 of your colleagues by making your donation to the Shaping the Future campaign today. Visit and click “Donate Now” on the home page to make your one-time donation or multi-year pledge. Your generosity will help expand the workforce, deliver innovative education, and facilitate effective advocacy.

David McGrew, MD FAAHPM, who currently serves as president of Hospice & Palliative Physician Services, LLC, and Chief of Medical Staff at HPH Hospice, Inc. is a founding member, a board member for about 12 years, and a past president.

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