Triaged to “comfort care only” in a pandemic means…?

How would you triage patients to get life-saving care or not in a lethal epidemic?

What kind of care would your hospice patients continue to get?

What is the role of the HPM specialist in a mass casualty event?

Come to Room 309 at 12:15 today for Pandemic Palliative Care: Time to Plan.

See you there!

1 thought on “Triaged to “comfort care only” in a pandemic means…?

  1. Great talk! Eye opening and quite concerning…

    When is AAHPM going to create a taskforce to address this very important issue?
    Should we consider a position statement for institutions/ hospice programs to use as a guide?

    AND what a wonderful opportunity to work with other HPM organizations to unite our voices!!

    Tanya Stewart MD FAAHPM

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