The Shaping the Future Campaign is a Great Investment

Janet Bull, MD FAAHPM, chief medical officer, Four Seasons in Flat Rock, NC, fully trusts Academy leadership to invest her general contribution to the Shaping the Future Campaign wisely, no matter the area—education, advocacy, or workforce development.

“The Academy has done a fabulous job in terms of lending support to education and leadership to our field,” says the avid AAHPM volunteer who serves as a new board member, chairs the Research Committee, and serves as a member of the Campaign Committee. “I feel that my financial gift will yield a great return on investment,” she says.

“The Academy has several objectives moving forward,” Dr. Bull adds. “With all the changes going on in healthcare reform—from decreased Medicare reimbursement, workforce shortage issues, and public misconceptions around end-of-life care—we need a strong voice for our membership. This includes advocacy in policy making, increased funding for fellowship programs, and education in the public domain about hospice and palliative care.”

Dr. Bull encourages all AAHPM members to become actively involved in the Academy and its educational programs. By doing so, they, too, will learn that their time and contributions are well spent. Go to and click “Donate Now” on the lower left corner of the home page to make your donation today.

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