Students Eager to Learn About HPM – Let’s Help Them?

AAHPM was one of 50 medical specialty organizations that exhibited at the recent American Medical Association Medical Specialty Showcase in Chicago. It was a great opportunity to talk about hospice and palliative medicine to the hundreds of medical students in attendance and also reassuring for us to see how many students were interested in the field and eager to learn how palliative doctors care for their patients. The Academy’s AMA Delegate Dr. Chad Kollas stopped by the booth to talk with the students and share his experiences and the path he took to palliative medicine. In fact, many of the students were familiar with hospice and had volunteered at their local hospice after one of their family members received hospice care. We encouraged them to continue to learn about the specialty by becoming student members of AAHPM.

Submitted by:
Laura Davis
Director, Marketing and Membership

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