Registration: Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I was very pleased that registration this morning was organized, efficient, and fast. I arrived at the registration area of the conference center around 7:45am (I may have slowed my stroll through the mall that is attached to the conference center for some window shopping prior to arrival). There was a line of about 25 people who had pre-printed registration forms (there is a separate line for those who do not have pre-printed registration forms). I had my badge, complimentary green bag, official Assembly guide and arrived at the Medical Directors Course by 7:55am! The people working at the registration table had smiles and were very cordial. The only suggestion I would make is to separate the two lines (for those with and those without pre-printed forms) further so they will not be intermingled toward the back, giving the appearance that some folks were “jumping” line. Overall, a good registration process.

Ann Cheri Foxx, MD

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