Measuring What Matters at Annual Assembly

It was an exciting Annual Assembly for the Measuring What Matters team, who presented both a preconference workshop and an concurrent session to the AAHPM/HPNA membership. Some of the supportive & challenging comments we received included:

Measures are power.
Quality measures will happen, and we need to be part of the process!
Now I appreciate the complexity of this work.
Measures should look at what is meaningful, actionable and has potential impact.
Great explanation of the Core Measures process – from the ground up – unique & much appreciated!
Measures will be a driving force for sustainability.
Just because you have measures in place doesn’t mean you have quality.
Measuring What Matters brings leverage to your program. It’s not about saving money but bringing value to patients/families served.

Our quality consultant from Hart Health Strategies, Rachel Groman, commented about MWM: “AAHPM is taking the high road by determining, on its own, what is most important to its member in terms of QI rather than letting federal mandates dictate the direction of the profession. Honestly, I don’t see that much anymore.”

I am deeply grateful for what we’ve accomplished so far, and for the passion and dedication of our co-chairs and panel members. We’ve promised a draft list of measures for AAHPM and HPNA membership to comment on within two months, then we’ll be seeking further input from organizations, patients, families, and the general public.

Katherine Ast

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