Managing Neuropathic Pain in Palliative Care

What an enjoyable and totally painless experience attending this lecture turned out to be. Stefan Freidrichsdorf was entertaining as well as completely knowledgeable about this subject. His use of movie clips to illustrate a point was unique; his case study was compelling. The case study had multiple elements that lent themselves to illustrated several points throughout the presentation. Stefan started the lecture reminding us that we begin with acute pain management: by the clock, by the child, using the appropriate drug, using the WHO ladder. From there, he launched into a description and discussion of neuropathic pain and the different modalities used to treat it. Starting with opioids, going to antidepressants, using anticonvulsants, and then using other integrative therapies. neuropathic pain is not a mountain to be avoided, but rather a challenge that can be successfully met. He showed us, through his case study, how he used various modalities, to obtain successful management of severe neuropathic pain with a challenging pediatric patient. Included was an excellent overview of Neurontin and Lyrica, with the various side effects seen in children.

I am not a pediatric clinician. I’m at this Conference trying to learn as much as I can, because my organization is actively recruiting more pediatric patients to my facility. I need to be better capable of caring for them. Dr Friedrichsdorf inspired me to continue my studies with this population. Like the geriatric population that I have cared for for so long, this population lacks RCTs specific to their needs. Much has to be extrapolated from adult studies, with much trial and error.

I’m anxious to hear more from researchers and clinicians like this speaker.

Beverly Douglas ARNP

LifePath Hospice

Tampa, Florida

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