How Do You Define Palliative Care?

While reading this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, AAHPM staff came across this definition:

Palliative care, which focuses on treating the symptoms of diseases either fatal or curable, has become increasingly common in U.S. hospitals.

What are you thoughts? How do YOU define palliative care?

6 thoughts on “How Do You Define Palliative Care?

  1. Palliative care is holistic in its approach. In this case it can be defined as care catering to all aspects related to end of life significant to the patient. This includes areas such as spirituality and family, along with likely pain and symptom management.

  2. My definition of “Palliative Care” is defined as, making an individuals’ end of life experience as pleasant and effortless as possible. The priority goal is to eliminate the clients’ discomfort and promote gratification.

  3. palliative care is a form of treatment that manages the pain which can be given at all stages of an illness and can be delivered at any age. “
    symptoms, and side effects of chronic illness.

  4. In my opinion, palliative care is providing to a patient and his family the most comfortable care and support that can alleviate them in the painful moment that is end-of-life.

  5. Palliative care is not only helping to relieve physical suffering but to support the holistic needs of the patient and the family that also includes: spiritual, emotional, and mental support that improves or lifts up the quality of life.

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