Highlights of the December Issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Below are the editor’s picks for the most recent issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management (JPSM).

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A Systematic Review in Support of the National Consensus Project Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, Fourth Edition
Sangeeta C. Ahluwalia, Christine Chen, Laura Raaen, Aneesa Motala, Anne M. Walling, Margaret Chamberlin, Claire O’Hanlon, Jody Larkin, Karl Lorenz,  lamigoke Akinniranye, and Susanne Hempel

Pain and Emergency Department Use in the Last Month of Life Among Older Adults With Dementia
Lauren J. Hunt, Christine S. Ritchie, Janine K. Cataldo, Kanan Patel, Caroline E. Stephens, and Alexander K. Smith

Defining Core Competencies for Generalist-Level Palliative Social Work
Myra Glajchen, Cathy Berkman, Shirley Otis-Green, Gary L. Stein, Tom Sedgwick, Mercedes Bern-Klug, Grace Christ, Ellen Csikai, Deirdre Downes, Susan Gerbino, Barbara Head, Debra Parker-Oliver, Deborah Waldrop, and Russell K. Portenoy

Submitted by David Casarett, MD MA, Senior Associate Editor, JPSM

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