Highlights of the March Issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management (JPSM)

Listed below are a few articles from the most recent issue of the journal:

Nurse-Led Follow-Up at Home versus Conventional Medical Outpatient Clinic Follow-Up in Patients With Incurable Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer: A Randomized Study
Madeleen J. Uitdehaag, Paul G. van Putten, Casper H.J. van Eijck, Els M.L. Verschuur, Ate van der Gaast, Chulja J. Pek, Carin C.D. van der Rijt, Rob A. de Man, Ewout W. Steyerberg, Robert J.F. Laheij, Peter D. Siersema, Manon C.W. Spaander, and Ernst J. Kuipers

Risk Factors for Developing Prolonged Grief During Bereavement in Family Carers of Cancer Patients in Palliative Care: A Longitudinal Study
Kristina Thomas, Peter Hudson, Thomas Trauer, Cheryl Remedios, and David Clarke

Olanzapine for the Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Patients Receiving Highly or Moderately Emetogenic Chemotherapy: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study
Naomi Mizukami, Masanori Yamauchi, Kazuhiko Koike, Akihiko Watanabe, Koji Ichihara, Naoya Masumori, and Michiaki Yamakage

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Submitted by: David J. Casarett, MD, MA, Senior Associate Editor, JPSM

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