Highlights of the June Issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Listed below are a few articles from the most recent issue of the journal:

Education Exchange

Toward Safer Transitions: A Curriculum to Teach and Assess Hospital-to-Hospice Handoffs

Neha J. Darrah and Nina R. O’Connor

Original Articles

Burdensome Physical and Depressive Symptoms Predict Heart Failure-Specific Health Status Over One Year

Hillary D. Lum, Evan P. Carey, Diane Fairclough, Mary E. Plomondon, Evelyn Hutt, John S. Rumsfeld, and David B. Bekelman

A Rasch Analysis of Assessments of Morning and Evening Fatigue in Oncology Patients Using the Lee Fatigue Scale

Anners Lerdal, Anders Kottorp, Caryl Gay, Bradley E. Aouizerat, Kathryn A. Lee, and Christine Miaskowski

Brief Report

Prescription and Deprescription of Medication During the Last 48 Hours of Life: Multicenter Study in 23 Acute Geriatric Wards in Flanders, Belgium

Nele J. Van Den Noortgate, Rebecca Verhofstede, Joachim Cohen, Ruth D. Piers, Luc Deliens, and Tinne Smets

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Submitted by: David Casarett, MD MA, Senior Associate Editor, JPSM

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