Highlights of the July Issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Listed below are a few articles from the most recent issue of the journal:

Promoting Evidence in Practice

Family Needs Regarding Death Rattle: Commentary on Shimizu et al.
Johannes Bükki

Original Articles

Strategy for Death Rattle of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients and Their Family Members: Recommendations from a Cross-Sectional Nationwide Survey of Bereaved Family Members’ Perceptions
Yoichi Shimizu, Mitsunori Miyashita, Tatsuya Morita, Kazuki Sato, Satoru Tsuneto, and Yasuo Shima

Patterns of Hospice Care Among Military Veterans and Non-Veterans
Melissa W. Wachterman, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Steven R. Simon, Karl A. Lorenz, and Nancy L. Keating

Review Article

Recommendations for Bowel Obstruction With Peritoneal Carcinomatosis
Guillemette Laval, Blandine Marcelin-Benazech, Frédéric Guirimand, Laure Chauvenet, Laure Copel, Aurélie Durand, Eric Francois, Martine Gabolde, Pascale Mariani, Christine Rebischung, Vincent Servois, Eric Terrebonne, and Catherine Arvieux, on behalf of the French Society for Palliative Care, with the French Society for Digestive Surgery, the French Society for Gastroenterology, the French Society for Digestive Cancer, and the French Association for Supportive Care in Oncology

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Submitted by: David J. Casarett, MD, MA, Senior Associate Editor, JPSM

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