Highlights of the July 2020 Issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Read the editor’s picks for the most recent issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management (JPSM), the official journal of AAHPM.

Quality assessments of end-of-life care by medical record review for patients dying in intensive care units in Taiwan
Mei-Ling Lo, Chung-Chi Huang, Tsung-Hui Hu, Wen-Chi Chou, Li-Pang Chuang, Ming Chu Chiang, Fur-Hsing Wen, Siew Tzuh Tang

Palliative and end-of-life care in a small Caribbean country: A mortality follow-back study of home deaths
Nicholas Jennings, Kenneth Chambaere, Stacey Chamely, Cheryl C. Macpherson, Luc Deliens, Joachim Cohen

Erica Frechman, Mary S. Dietrich, Rachel Lane Walden, Cathy A. Maxwell

Unravelling fatigue in hemodialysis patients: comparing retrospective reports to real-time assessments with an mHealth Experienced Sampling Method
Astrid DH. Brys, Frank Stifft, Caroline M. Van Heugten, Maurizio Bossola, Giovanni Gambaro, Bert Lenaert

Articles were submitted by David Casarett, MD MA, Senior Associate Editor, JPSM.

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