Highlights of the August Issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Listed below are a few articles from the most recent issue of the journal:

Hospice Enrollment After Referral to Community-Based, Specialist-Level Palliative Care: Incidence, Timing, and Predictors

Alexa Riggs, Brenda Breuer, Lara Dhingra, Jack Chen, Barbara Hiney, Maureen McCarthy,

Russell K. Portenoy, and Helena Knotkova

A High-Touch Model of Community-Based Specialist Palliative Care: Latent Class Analysis Identifies Distinct Patient Subgroups

Lara Dhingra, Nathan F. Dieckmann, Helena Knotkova, Jack Chen, Alexa Riggs, Brenda Breuer, Barbara Hiney, Bernard Lee, Maureen McCarthy, and Russell Portenoy

Differences in Terminal Hospitalization Care Between U.S. Men and Women

Erica Just, David J. Casarett, David A. Asch, Dingwei Dai, and Chris Feudtner

Prevalence of Sudden Death in Palliative Care: Data From the Australian Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration

Magnus Ekstrom, Maxwell T. Vergo, Zainab Ahmadi, and David C. Currow

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Submitted by: David Casarett, MD MA, Senior Associate Editor, JPSM

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