Eating Out in Boston: AAHPM Member Edition

Nearly 2,300 people are expected to descend on Boston in the next few days for the AAHPM & HPNA Annual Assembly, and the burning question on everyone’s mind is … where am I going to eat? Actually, with the extensive array of educational sessions and networking opportunities planned for nearly every hour of the day, food is more likely to be something of an afterthought. There are many dining options available beyond the nearest McDonald’s or room service, however, so be sure to take advantage of the eclectic range of eateries in Boston. With recommendations ranging from casual cafes to fine dining, 10 AAHPM members who are Boston locals have graciously shared their favorite restaurants in the area (yes, some are duplicates, but that is all the more reason to visit these popular restaurants!).

The scrumptious sandwiches are among the top selections at the Parish Cafe. Photo courtesy of The Parish Cafe.

1. Mooo – Primarily a steakhouse, Mooo has well-prepared food, a pleasant ambiance, and excellent service. –Douglas Brandoff, MD

2. South End Buttery – Not over the top expensive, the South End Buttery is my new favorite restaurant and serves a delicately flavored menu, full of variety. Just a 1.1 mile walk from the convention center! –Joanne Wolfe, MD MPH

3. Legal Sea Foods – One of the best fish places in Boston, though expensive. If you’re on a budget and looking for something edible and quick, consider the Food Court in the Prudential Center just across the street. Also try Jasper White’s Summer Shack a block away, which enjoys considerable fame (as well as a raucous atmosphere). –J. Andrew Billings, MD

4. Abe & Louie’s – I love this old-fashioned steak house, just a short walk from the convention center! –Janet Abrahm, MD

5. Legal Sea Foods or Sel de la Terre are two of my favorites—there are so many great restaurants in the area that no attendee should suffer a bad meal! –Jim Baker, MD

6. Sel de la Terre – Really convenient and a little fancy, Sel de la Terre offers delicious food inspired by southern France country cooking. –Rick Goldstein, MD

7. Rocca – This South End eatery offers a friendly atmosphere and excellent Italian food. –Susan D. Block, MD

8. Parish Café – My favorite for lunch with out-of-towners, this café has scrumptious, savory sandwiches. The Cactus Club – Right across the street from the convention center, the Cactus Club boasts the best margaritas in town! Finale is decadence defined. As we in the palliative care community know well, “life is short, so eat dessert (first)!” Small dinners are offered as a preclude to dessert, the main event here! –Mary Buss, MD

9. The Other Side Café – Vegetarian choices, hip atmosphere, and a surprisingly good beer selection are found at this café, less than a 10-minute walk from the Hynes. –Brian McMichael, MD

10. Addis Red Sea Restaurant – Located in the South End at 544 Tremont Street, visit this restaurant for authentic Ethiopian cuisine, friendly wait staff, and a nice ambiance. -Craig Blinderman, MD

Don’t see a favorite place on the list? Share with other attendees your thoughts on where to eat! Happy dining.

-Katie Macaluso, AAHPM Assistant Editor

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  1. If you want to experience something unique and fabulous: Taranta in the North End is a merger of Italian and exquisite Peruvian food. What treat!

  2. I had dinner this evening with a friend at the Parish Cafe. It was excellent and inexpensive. I would definitely recommend it!

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