Dancing with Broken Bones: Race, Class and Spirit-Filled Dying in the Inner City (303)

David Moller has a vocation and avocation to use his training in sociology to give a voice and face to the poor, inner-city and disinfrancished living in America. There is a great divide between the large and growing underclass and the professionals that work in the medical industrial complex.

David is a voice for those people that he has spent so much time to understand, build trust and ultimately to record their suffering end experiences at the end-of-life. With his book and this presentation peole like “Angel” and “Cowboy” have achieved transcedence since capturing their stories such that their lives continue to make a difference.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear this presentation I would recommend that you listen to the recording and/or read his book of the same title. As hospcie/palliative care clinicians it is imperative that we build bridges across the care divide that exist in the USA. There is much controversy about the process of health care insurance reform. David is a voice for those Americans that have the most to lose and the most to gain as we come together to work for justice for all of us.

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