Hospice & Palliative Care at the American Geriatrics Society Meeting

What, if anything, is the relationship between geriatrics and palliative medicine? They are clearly separate fields, each with their own distinct areas of competence and interests. There is though an area of overlap that holds the power to transform the way we care for patients with advanced illness. We saw a preview of this at … Read moreHospice & Palliative Care at the American Geriatrics Society Meeting

“Create an organization that’s so effective that you can’t afford not to belong.”

What is CMSS and why did AAHPM leadership decide that it was important to participate? CMSS represents the needs of physician specialists and subspecialists in American health care. And, with complicated issues like the medical home and graduate medical education slots on the table, they represent an important voice.

Pandemic Palliative Care

At the Annual Assembly in the session on Pandemic Palliative Care we discussed the increasing recognition of the role that HPM physicians will be expected to play in a disaster or pandemic. We also discussed the inability of the US to effectively protect the public health with quarantine measures. The AMA News today emphasizes this … Read morePandemic Palliative Care