AAHPM, AMGA, and OptumLabs awarded grant funding from AARP

AAHPM, in collaboration with the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) and OptumLabs, has been awarded grant funding from AARP to develop and test new pain treatment and other outcome measures in a “seriously-ill” population as part of the National Quality Forum (NQF’s) Measure Incubator project.

The principal investigators and Academy staff are working with OptumLabs’ partner, AMGA, to define the global serious illness denominator by accessing a data sandbox at OptumLabs. In addition to the seriously-ill population, they will also be investigating two smaller populations – people with dementia and multiple chronic conditions. The Project Leads are Christine Ritchie, MD MSPH, Laura Hanson, MD MPH, and Amy Kelley, MD MSHS.

This grant-funded project runs through October 2018 and will test whether a commercial claims database can be used to identify patients with serious illness and provide a useful denominator for palliative care quality measures.

In December 2017, the project achieved a major milestone by having their measure analysis and testing plan approved by AARP. The call for Stakeholder Advisory Group nominations went out on December 14, 2017. Advisory Group meetings will convene virtually via web-conference and are scheduled for February 5, March 26, June 11, and September 17.

Katherine Ast presented on this project at the OptumLabs Research & Translation Forum on November 15. Learn more information about this project.

Questions? Contact Katherine Ast at kast@aahpm.org.

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